Fresh from the lectern comes a new look at the Bayeux Tapestry; it’s a look from behind the curtains and mostly in the dark.

Nonetheless a tale unfolds.

The nuns of Kent have been commissioned by Earl Odo to create a great tapestry telling the glorious history of the Norman conquest of Britain. But when they start dying, one man must be sent for; Brother Hermitage, the King’s Investigator.

It’s the lucky 13th Chronicle of Brother Hermitage

The man who barely survives his own investigations.

The sleuth who seldom asks anyone the right questions.

The monk who is firmly medieval and slightly detective.

It’s time for Brother Hermitage’s Christmas Gift once more. Every November 6th, Christmas comes round again. There’s no escape, so you might as well read a funny, Christmassy, medieval book.

It’s got Brother Hermitage, Christmas and gifts.  A lot of people say it’s very funny.

But, if you’re in the mood for a FREE book – and who isn’t, try this one… Brother Hermitage. The Shorts

Treat yourself


Number 1 in the US and the UK at the same time, that’s simultaneously. I’m told this is a good thing. You can do the clicky thing here to find out for yourself.

The very, most number one best selling new release in comedy on Amazon is Brother Hermitage! A Murder for Brother Hermitage beats Romesh Ranganathan, (who knows what he’s doing), to the top spot.

In the imaginatively titled A Murder for Brother Hermitage, things get a little too close for comfort. Chapter 1 sees the death of a monk who likes books and very little else – just like Brother Hermitage. What is going on here? We shall have to read on to find out, and even then there’s a fair chance we won’t find out anything.

Number 12 in the Chronicles of Brother Hermitage, available now. (Or should that be No.XII)