The very latest thing in 1,000 year old history is now available. Further tales of William the Conqueror and Harold Rex Anglorum emerge in The Domesday Book (Still Not that One). A lot of it really happened – but then some of it didn’t as well, so it sort of evens out. Read it for yourself, read it to your friends. Just don’t read it to your history teacher…Here’s a link

This completely accurate rendition of the North Atlantic reveals some of the goings-on in The Domesday Book (Still Not That One).

If the recorded history of 1067 to 1068 is anything to go by, England was in chaos. Add a bit of artistic licence and we have a tale to make grown historians take up geography.

Finishing off ends you didn’t know were loose in the first place, The Domesday Book Volume II is another book with a map.

Who knew there was hilarity to be found in the Norman Conquest? The Domesday Book (No, Not That One) started it all and, not knowing when to stop, volume II, The Domesday Book (Still Not That One) has now been released.

Going further into the goings on of the Normans in England than seems decent, the book ties up loose ends and drops them in the sea.

Available for pre order now, the whole sorry nonsense can be dissected at the end of June.

Can it really be only four years since The Domesday Book (No, Not That One) emerged? It seems like yesterday.

Those of you who managed to get all the way through the thing will know that the characters were dispersed to the four corners of the world, well, two corners anyway. But what happened next? No one in particular asked but I’ll tell you anyway.

The Domesday Book II (Still Not That One) brings the whole thing to a rather shabby conclusion using narrative devices that I believe are referred to as “facts”. There are quite a lot of them out there on this particular period of history and they have been thrown into this tale willy-nilly. Real people, real places and real activities have been recounted with imagination, verve and jokes. After all, if we can’t laugh about the Norman invasion after 1,000 years, when will we be able to? (Leave the room the person who said they don’t want to.)

This revealing volume (not in that way) will be released upon the world in June 2018. Prepare yourself for Domesday (II).

I am told that A Murder for Master Wat has made it into the Amazon top 10 of all comedy books in the UK, climbing to number 3 at one point. I am also told that the top 20 of all in the US was achieved.

I am further told that these are good things.

I am frequently told things and occasionally listen.