To be released upon the world on August 25th, the ninth outing of the fully medieval, but barely detective, Brother Hermitage. Another 90-odd thousand words of confusion, chaos and death, much like life, really. Read about monks, read about Normans, read about Grimsby – it has everything the modern reader could possibly demand. And it’s very funny.

The Case of the Curious Corpse continues to amuse, with over 1,000 out there somewhere.

No sooner is a corpse dealt with than a carcass comes along. The Case of The Cantankerous Carcass nears completion and should be available in a matter of weeks: Poor Brother Hermitage has to investigate, even though the body is a bit less dead than normal.

The Case of the Curious Corpse hits the world today. 700 gone in the first 8 hours – and in the month leading up… One of Brother Hermitage’s trickiest cases, mainly because King William is breathing down his neck most of the time. There’s an absolute queue of suspects, a confusion of evidence and even a little rhyme about the men of the marshes. Who did it? Who knows? Certainly not the King’s Investigator…

The very latest ramblings of Brother Hermitage see the light of day. Available now to pre-order as the last pieces of the jigsaw are slotted into place. 31st May 2017 will see everything revealed. As usual, the process of revelation is a bit of a shambles, particularly to those involved.

King William and the Normans are up to their necks in it, and there are Saxons, Vikings, the Welsh and even a Saracen or two… it really is a must read for people who must read this sort of nonsense.


The next title in the increasingly lengthy Chronicles of Brother Hermitage nears its conclusion.

The cover image is complete and the text draws to a close.

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