Can it really be only four years since The Domesday Book (No, Not That One) emerged? It seems like yesterday.

Those of you who managed to get all the way through the thing will know that the characters were dispersed to the four corners of the world, well, two corners anyway. But what happened next? No one in particular asked but I’ll tell you anyway.

The Domesday Book II (Still Not That One) brings the whole thing to a rather shabby conclusion using narrative devices that I believe are referred to as “facts”. There are quite a lot of them out there on this particular period of history and they have been thrown into this tale willy-nilly. Real people, real places and real activities have been recounted with imagination, verve and jokes. After all, if we can’t laugh about the Norman invasion after 1,000 years, when will we be able to? (Leave the room the person who said they don’t want to.)

This revealing volume (not in that way) will be released upon the world in June 2018. Prepare yourself for Domesday (II).