The very, most number one best selling new release in comedy on Amazon is Brother Hermitage! A Murder for Brother Hermitage beats Romesh Ranganathan, (who knows what he’s doing), to the top spot.

In the imaginatively titled A Murder for Brother Hermitage, things get a little too close for comfort. Chapter 1 sees the death of a monk who likes books and very little else – just like Brother Hermitage. What is going on here? We shall have to read on to find out, and even then there’s a fair chance we won’t find out anything.

Number 12 in the Chronicles of Brother Hermitage, available now. (Or should that be No.XII)

The cover for The Tapestry of Death wins a prize! Well, second prize in a beauty contest, but we’ll take that.

The people at Discovering Diamonds, discovered this diamond as their July cover of the month (runner up!)

And as everyone knows, a book must be judged by its cover, so this book must be brilliant (runner up).

The Credits: for cover design. for the illustration.

Does Brother Hermitage face a more than usually troublesome case?

It starts with the murder of an innocent young monk in the monastery of his good friend, Abbot Abbo – this is not a promising start…

A Murder for Brother Hermitage will be the very latest in a very long line of Chronicles of Brother Hermitage.
Some may say too long, but then it’s only the truth coming out.

Number 12 arriving September 2018(ish)

The very latest thing in 1,000 year old history is now available. Further tales of William the Conqueror and Harold Rex Anglorum emerge in The Domesday Book (Still Not that One). A lot of it really happened – but then some of it didn’t as well, so it sort of evens out. Read it for yourself, read it to your friends. Just don’t read it to your history teacher…Here’s a link