Not only does the latest tome, The 1066 to Hastings become the No 1 hot new release, its distant ancestor, The Heretics of De’Ath becomes No 1 in the chart. Every day, somone in the world buys a Chronicle of Brother Hermitage; this person must be found and stopped….

A book fair, no less. Rides on all the books, candyfloss optional. The Howard of Warwick travelling paperback stall will be at Henley-in-Arden Memorial Hall, Station Road, on Sunday the 17th of November 2019, between 10 am and 4 pm. Now you have good reason to be somewhere else…

The 1066 From Normandy pulls into a reading room near you. This time in paper and electrons, it tells yet another tale of Brother Hermitage. That’s Chronicle no 16, which seems a little over-indulgent if I may make so bold.

This time the subject matter is taxing in the extreme; and it’s King William’s tax so Hermitage had better get things sorted out. The first thing to try and sort out is what tax is in the first place. Wat the Weaver seems to know a lot about it, perhaps a little too much.

And if tax alone wasn’t enough there’s some death to go with it; which is much more up Hermitage’s habit… now read on.

…and this time it’s taxable. William of Normandy wants his cash, what was the point of conquest otherwise? But people are out to cheat him and they must be dealt with. Step forward Brother Hermitage – now step out and deal with them. (With all the usual results.)
It’s more investigation for the most medieval of them all. Death and taxes, or taxes and death, it doesn’t really matter….

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The Hermes Parchment flutters into the world to spread its fabrication and nonsense. Several bits are reported to be true, but this is probably vile rumour. Needless to say there is investigation, of a sort. Brother Hermitage is in the middle of it, by no design of his own, and the whole thing ends in the most ridiculous manner. Still, that’s life, really.